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We Care At Lajawi

Lajawi Hair is an avant-garde hair salon acclaimed for its astounding quality in hair artistry. Our service criterion entails hair design, beauty and advanced hair training.

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Lajawi Hair Salon believes in giving back to the community in many ways. We are dedicated to empowering people and communities by taking ownership of our charitable initiatives, which involves offering not only financial support but, more importantly our time and human support to these underprivileged individuals.

The main objective is to find ways to bring light, laughter and hope for these individuals around Gauteng. For this purpose, we have formed a portfolio that strives to assist and support those who need it the most.

The Lajawi Cares portfolio is shaped to provide stronger presence in society by ensuring that those less privileged receive the happiness they deserve. Our goal with this portfolio is to register other companies to join in, and provide support for these individuals in and around Gauteng in any way they can.