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For us at Lajawi, every look is custom made to suit each and every one of our clients. And because colour is intrinsically based on formulas, timing and technique, we ensure that our colorists are highly skilled in this respect. Ensuring they stay well informed, meaning that our clients stay on-trend and in the now.

Hair Color
(amounts apply to both natural hair & extensions)
Decolourize (Half a Scoop) R 200.00
Decolourizing (1 Full Scoop) R 400.00
Toner (quater tube) R 380.00
Toner (half tube) R 450.00
Toner (full tube) R 600.00
Semi-Permanent Toner (quater tube) R 200.00
Semi-Permanent Toner (halftube) R 300.00
Semi-Permanent Toner (full tube) R 500.00